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What is a professional organizer?

Think of me as a coach that will help you navigate setting up your home or business to function as a well-oiled machine.

Do I need to be present to have my home organized?

This is dependent on the job. Usually homes that require a lot of decluttering are more successful when the client is present.


However, we can come in and organize your home and set aside any items that we have questions on.

Are you a full service Interior Design Firm?

No. Instead, we help people envision the full potential of their space through interior elevations and 3D renderings.

Do I need to do anything before our first decluttering session?

No! We want to see everything in raw form, and we would rather you save your energy for our sessions.

Where do you purchase product from?

Typically, we purchase organizing products from The Container Store, Amazon, and Target. We also keep inventory of our most-utilized products.

What happens with all my stuff that has been decluttered from the space?

Each time I am at your home I will fill up my car and take the donations for you. It is important to me to take them to places in need first, before the big chain stores such as Goodwill. I will make stops at the Humane Society, local organizations for homeless / church groups, and recycling centers. 

Do I have to be present for you to unpack my home?

No, in fact we love having the freedom to set up your home for you. Our background and professional skills enable us to know where to best place everything.

How do I know how many hours my project will take?

After your initial consultation we will put together a proposal for your job which will include our estimated number of hours the project will take.

Do I have to pay 100% upfront?

We typically ask for 50% up front.

How much cleaning do you do?

We leave the space better than we found it.We are not a cleaning service, but we do believe in starting fresh and will dust, wipe, and vacuum any surfaces before placing new product.

Once you finish our home are you able to come back and refresh the spaces overtime?

Yes, we offer maintenance sessions.

Is there a limit to how far you will travel?

We travel all over the country. We do have travel fees for anything over 1/2-hour from our home base of West Hartford, CT.

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