Lazy Susan Turntables

  • TWO SIZES: This two-pack Lazy Susan Turntable has one small 8.9-inch diameter and one large 11.8-inch diameter turntables, ideal sizes for all your various needs.
  • RAISED EDGE: Keeps items from spilling over and falling off the tray as it rotates around.
  • ROTATES 360 Degree: Smoothly turns a complete 360 Degree allowing you to reach what you need easily while saving space and eliminating clutter.
  • CLEAR AND CLASSY: Transparent design lets you see everything the turntable cabinet organizer is holding and also enables it to fit in with any style décor.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use it to hold spices, condiments, vitamins, skin care products or cosmetics; it’s perfect for keeping items neat and organized.

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